Friday, 28 August 2015

Party and Contest - Tease to Please

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Glass Knot - Bank Holiday Weekend Offer!

Erotic romance, GBLT, menage a trois novel on sale

That's right, for this special summer holiday weekend you can grab yourself a copy of The Glass Knot for just 99c/99p! Only on Amazon.

Back Cover Information

What’s a girl to do when the guy she falls for is married to another man? 

This is exactly what happened to me. Seeing Josh Kendal stroll out of the Mediterranean Sea wearing tight navy swim trunks and looking like a hot new James Bond was a truly delicious moment. Catching sight of his wedding ring was like a kick in the shin and meeting his gorgeous husband, phew, that was enough to make any girl groan at the cruel joke God was playing on her. 

But all was not as it seemed, and when Josh needed a woman to sort out a ‘delicate predicament’ I was the one for the job – heck, what did I have to lose? Certainly not as much as him, literally. 

Trouble is, emotions always get tangled, loyalties can’t help but be divided and with a night of memories so hot they'd have the devil sweating, there was only one thing for it—it was time to get honest, fight for what I wanted despite society’s constraints and open my heart to the people it needed most. 

Reader Reviews...

"This is one of the hottest books I've read in a very long time."

"If you're looking for an awesome MMF story that will make you laugh, cry, and feel every up and down in between, this is the book for you."

"The Glass Knot is the third book I have read by the British author Lily Harlem and I am more in love with her work after reading this story than ever."

"This beautiful erotic romance provides an emotional read that explores the dynamics of converting a committed relationship to a menage a trois. The author does a wonderful job of conveying the passion and devotion that exists between the paired couple and the angst and upheaval that results from adding a new person into their lives. There are deliciously sizzling love scenes which are balanced by a facile characterization of the individuals involved and I am delighted to have found a new author to enjoy and look forward to reading more of her tales."

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mid Week Tease #MWT

Sexy free GBLT story for you!

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, I have a freebie for you today, Part One of Caught on Camera my MM serial about two sexy guys making a porn movie in Las Vegas. Part One starts out in England... here's a few...

Cade shoved his jeans down and kicked them off. He laid them roughly over the back of the chair he’d been sitting on then headed toward the pool. As he went, he pushed at his boxers and revealed his tight arse that was a shade paler than the rest of his skin. He kept on walking as the boxers slid down his legs then he stepped out of his underwear without pausing. He left the boxers bunched on the lawn, dead center in one of the pale green stripes he’d created.
Reece felt his jaw slacken. Fuck, the guy was brazen. He just went for it.
“Gotta go in naked,” Cade called, “otherwise you’ll have wet boxers beneath your jeans, making a damp patch and giving the game away.”
“Yeah, makes sense,” Reece replied. Fuck, he was getting harder by the minute. The sight of the abandoned boxers and Cade’s long, muscular body was enough to have his balls aching and his arsehole clenching.
“Come on,” Cade shouted, even though he couldn’t see that Reece had made no move to join him. “All work and no play makes Reece a dull boy.”
“What about the lawn? You haven’t finished.”
“Fuck it. I’ll do it later.” He reached the pool and dove in, creating a white burst of water that splashed upwards and made waves across the surface.
“Oh, bloody hell,” Reece said, quickly slipping the straps of his overalls off then scooting down the trousers. Beneath he wore red boxers, fake Calvin Kleins from the market, but he had no intention of removing them—not yet—not until he was safely by the pool.
God, was he really going to do this?
Unlike Cade, Reece carried his clothes across the lawn and set them on a lounger. If there was a sudden urgency to get dressed, if Mrs. Henley-Smythe did appear, he didn’t want to be caught in the buff.
“It’s great. Get in,” Cade called, before turning and propelling himself in a fast crawl to the opposite end of the pool.
Reece made the most of the fact that Cade was facing the other way, tugged off his boxers then slipped into the water. The chill stole his breath for a moment and thankfully also took the heat from his hard-on. He sank beneath the surface, soaking his hair and letting the water rush into his ears. He pushed off and swam for several seconds to the far side.
When he bobbed up, he came face to face with Cade.
“What do you think?” Cade asked.

Find out more about Caught on Camera on my website and grab all the FREE download links for Part One right there...

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Silk Tie

The Silk Tie, erotic romance from Lily Harlem

Only from Amazon - free on Kindle Unlimited!

Back Cover Information

"If you enjoyed The Glass Knot you'll LOVE The Silk Tie." 

Professional life in the City of London is tough going which is why my husband Gabe and I live by the motto work hard and play hard. So when something, or rather someone, comes along that changes how he wants to play I’m intrigued by our sexy new game. 

But there's always private sides to the ones you love, and in this case new thoughts and desires are stealing Gabe’s dreams. It’s not until I meet Brent—gorgeous and sophisticated yet soul-achingly alone—that I begin to understand the complex layers of Gabe’s needs and exactly what I have to do. 

But I’m not afraid; in fact the idea of two men turns me the hell on. In a whirlwind of romance, fear, desire and a new cresting wave of passion we open up to each other, testing the water for one weekend only. Or is it? Will we ever be the same again? Can Gabe and I survive our decision to let a third into our bed? Can Brent just walk away and, more importantly, will we let him?


I am highly recommending this book. In fact, I want to climb a mountain and shout out to anyone who will listen, "READ THE SILK TIE!!!" It's a story that will stay with you long after you have read it.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I have read several of Ms. Harlem’s book in the past, so I expected The Silk Tie to be a very enjoyable read. What I didn’t expect was the extreme level of heat that she would infuse into Hayley, Gabe and Brent’s story. I knew she wrote good sex, but my goodness this book was so hot it left me squirming several times. As if that weren’t enough to recommend the book, it is the relationships that develop between the three that keep this book from being just a sex-a-thon and makes an erotic romance.

I absolutely loved this book. The entwining of a happily married couple with a man who is going through a divorce.

The heat level on a scale of 1-10 was an 11!! The characters in this book were very well written and easy to love. They has such a dynamics that made you fall in love with them. If you like hot, sexy menage books, this book is for you.

This is one of the hottest books I have ever read, I could not put it down.

Amazon Best Seller!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Tasty Teasers - from Kay Jaybee

Erotic and romantic excerpts

Many thanks to my lovely friend, Lily, for allowing me to nip by to tell you about a positive feast of erotic activity going on at my place over the next fortnight.

For the past three years I have dedicated two weeks at the end of each summer to looking back over my own erotica archive, and that of my fellow erotica authors.

Not only is this a great way to read yourself warm as the summer nights fade into autumn, but it is a fantastic opportunity to discover what your favourite authors wrote in the past, and to introduce you to some new writers.

You will be most welcome to come along to my blog at to sample a delicious menu of tasty tasters between 24th Aug and 6th Sept for 14 hits of erotic heaven!

I can promise you that once you’ve sampled this menu, which includes a hearty portion of Kd Grace, a mouth watering mouthful of Lily Harlem, an ice cream scoop of Ashley Lister, and more side dishes than you could ever eat from a host of other experts in the genre, you’ll be more than ready to skip the coffee and mints and head home for some afters of your own...

See you there....

Kay xxxx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Meet the Ultimate Bad Boy - Miller Davenport!

Coming Soon - a dark erotic romance to heat up your ereader.

Locks, keys and prison bars can’t contain a love that’s meant to roam wild and free, but when that love is let loose will Lacey  be able to handle what’s heading her way?

Rules are meant to protect the innocent and keep danger at bay. Except for me the lines blur and it all started when I met the ultimate bad boy. But is he? Miller Davenport might be big, bad and brimming with sin but he’s confessed his crimes and for ten years he’s served his time and walked the line.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? And as his nurse, the one person who understands him, I can’t help but count the days till we can be together properly without guards watching over us and without every look and word we share censored.

When that day comes, though, will our desire for each other explode and take me to the new heights he’s promised, and if so how will I survive such intensity?

One thing is for sure, with Miller I’ll be whisked up in a whirlwind of his dark energy and a tornado of his lust, and likely taken to the very edge of what I can handle. I can’t help a few nerves though, as release day approaches, because if it all comes crashing down who can I depend on when I’ve ridden into the sunset with a man who’s broken all the rules? Will I be saved or will I have pushed everyone and everything too far?

Due out 10th November in ebook and paperback, will be available from all good retailers.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

That Sexy Time of Day ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MSSAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS106

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday - this week a few from my erotic romance biker story Burning Rubber. 

I'd tried conventional boyfriends, smart and with good jobs. They’d bored me silly. I’d gone out with rogues too, and more mechanics than I could count. None had held my attention for long. They all lacked that certain...something.
That something Gid had in buckets.
“Jesus...” I muttered, grabbing a meal-for-one from the refrigerator then shoving it into the microwave. “He’s just a bad boy blow-in with come-fuck-me eyes and ink that I’d like to explore with the tip of my tongue.” I jabbed five minutes onto the control pad and hit Start.
Were his arms the only part of him decorated or did he have more tattoos? On his chest? His belly, up those wide thighs of his?
I went into the living room and shut the curtains then did the same in Nan’s room, even though she wasn’t there to benefit. Habit, I guessed.
I wandered into my room, turned on the light, shut the curtains then shucked off my clothes. I pinned my hair up on top of my head and turned on the shower.
It always took several minutes of scrubbing to get the oil and grease from my hands, and today I had a particularly unattractive slick over my chin and cheek.
Great, just when I’d seen the cutest guy for months or like...ever.
I huffed and held my face to the stream of water. Who was I kidding? Cute was not a word to describe Gid, leader of the Wild Angels and a Harley-Davidson fanatic. He was rough, crude, rude and full of his own self-importance—he was most definitely not cute.
I lathered my breasts then between my legs. My pussy was moist. There was an ache at my entrance, a need, a want.
I slid my finger in, first one then two, and let the heel of my hand press against my clit. Fuck, it had been so long since I’d had cock—good hard cock to get off on.
Gid’s cock would likely be as big and hard as the rest of him. Probably tattooed too. Did he have a woman amongst those bikers? Several, I should think. Would he be a gentle lover or a take-what-he-needed man?

Purchase Burning Rubber from Totally Bound, Amazon and all other good ebook retailers.