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Weekend at Wilderhope Manor by Lucy Felthouse Now Available in Audiobook Format! #lesfic #lesbian #halloween #audiobook #romance #erotica #ghost #PNR

The critically acclaimed paranormal/ghost erotic short story, Weekend at Wilderhope Manor by Lucy Felthouse, is now available in audiobook format. Narrated by voice artist Xanthia Bloom, you can now listen to this spooky tale on the go!


When Stephanie and Jenny go to a Murder Mystery Halloween weekend at Wilderhope Manor, they’re expecting fun and games. But following creaky floorboards, spooky noises and an alarming encounter in the Manor’s grounds, the girls begin to wonder if there’s more to Wilderhope Manor than meets the eye. As they find frequent comfort in one another’s arms – and their bed – will the girls discover what’s causing the bumps in the night, or will they run scared?

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“The passion and humour Lucy injects into all her characters is a real delight… they have such depth and scream sexuality along with the cries of terror, the chemistry of the two as they share their toe curling sensual kisses and have fun in the library is wonderful and makes for a really enchanting read. Weekend at Wilderhope Manor was Short, Sweet and Spooky… One for the Things that go bump and make you want to hump pile!” 5 out of 5, Erotic Whispers

“Among the festivities, the authentic relationship between Stephanie and Jenny comes through in a playful manner, and the chills build. A classic and sexy ghost story, Weekend at Wilderhope Manor titillates on multiple levels.” Night Owl Reviews Magazine

“Stephanie and Jenny are so expressive in their love for each other it makes this story practically burst in flames. They spend so much time heating up the sheets that the rest of the story is merely a byline to their love affair. I would really like to see them be more interactive with their surroundings, but the sexual exploits are top notch. This is a great treat and will easily warm up any chilly day.” Coffee Time Romance

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at:

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Caught on Camera is my steamy Male/Male serial set in the UK and Las Vegas. Each story is fine as a standalone read but put them all together and they make up one seriously hot novel. What's even better is PART ONE is absolutely FREE!

Lights. Camera. Action. The life of an international porn star might be glamorous, satisfying and well paid but it’s also hard work—very hard—in every sense of the word!

So it’s just as well Reece Carter is up for the job and has the sexiest co-star imaginable, Cade Davenport. They’re the hot new stars of GP Productions latest blockbuster, Slippery Slots, set in Las Vegas, and they can’t wait to get naked and get started.

With scripts to learn, wardrobe to contend with and a whole host of new experiences to look forward to, Reece takes the bull by the horns and jumps on for the ride. What he doesn’t bargain on, though, is finding love alongside his fat pay cheque.

But is the feeling mutual? And what happens when a cowboy, a box of intriguing props and a trip to a BDSM dungeon gets thrown into the scene?

Can Reece handle the heat? Is he really capable of performing before an audience? And will Cade be there when he needs him most?

Hired is FREE! #free #sexy #hockey #romance from Lily Harlem

Grab the first book in my HOT ICE series, HIRED, for FREE from all good ebook retailers. Then don't miss the next 6 books in the series, all of which are fine as standalone reads  but if you read them in order you'll meet the hero of the next book as you go.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A Forever Kind of Thing By Elodie Parkes

Businessman Will has hoped to meet musician Josh for so long, he’s astonished and elated when Josh finally notices and pursues him at one of the band’s gigs.
After a heady night of love, Josh is devastated when Will turns out to be a millionaire. He’s not a hustler. He couldn’t take and he couldn’t compete. He retreats into his music.
Will is sure they could have something special and tries to prove his love for Josh in the only way he knows how. Trouble is—it’s the wrong way.
Josh is shocked to discover he can’t forget Will.
They want each other. Their chemistry is scorching.
But Josh is running in the opposite direction as Will longs to love him.
Can love triumph?

Josh saw Will at one end of the bar and his heart leapt. Flutters started up in his stomach and he took a deep breath trying to steady himself. The encounter had rocked him to the core. He’d never in his wildest dreams expected to feel the way he did about a man whose name he still didn’t know. I want to, though. I want to know all about him. I want him in my life, and from the way he responded, he wants me bad. That’s great. I need it.
He watched the play of emotions cross Will’s face as he approached and stood close.
“Hi. I’m Josh Winters and you are…?” He grinned mischievously.
“Will—Will Trenton.” Will’s eyes held warmth, affection, and desire.
A spark of recognition lit in Josh’s mind. “That’s a familiar name, but I wouldn’t have been able to put a face to it. Are you famous or something?” He gestured to the bartender.
“A beer thanks—and for you?” He gave Will a tender look designed to tell the guy he liked him a lot.
“The same but let me … let me get them.”
Josh shook his head. “We have a tab.”
He saw a look of worry flit through Will’s eyes.
“It’s really okay, Will.” Josh moved even closer to Will. The toe of one boot touched the toe of Will’s. He gazed into Will’s eyes. Time slowed for Josh. This man was even more attractive close up with his handsome face lit by the bar’s sparkling white downlights. He took in the shade of stubble and wanted to bite Will’s chin. He ached to grab Will and thrust his tongue between those perfect lips. He recalled the way Will’s thick hair had felt as he grasped a handful. Softness filled his stomach. He didn’t know if this was love, but it sure was tenderness.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink

Also available on kindle unlimited

About Elodie:

I’m a writer who is in love with happy endings, currently based in southern UK.
I love music, art, flowers, trees, the ocean. I work with antiques by day and words by night. Like a vampire, darkness is my friend, that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of owls in the woodlands opposite my home, and I write.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sexy Rising ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS164

Welcome to MY SEXY SATURDAY. This week a snippet from my new paranormal novel TAKE ME.

Back Cover Information

Megan’s weekend just took a dangerous, sexy turn…

What's not to love about a girl’s weekend in Dublin? Megan Sanders loves being out on the town and out on the pull with her mates, but unfortunately, she’s attracted the attentions of a man with downright murderous intentions.

Seth Martin knows vampire Samuel Bennington is evil, and only his pack of elite wolf shifters can protect Megan. That is, if they can convince her that she needs their help.

Soon Megan finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of fear and lust. She's being hunted for her blood, yes, but she's also crazy about the guy who has sworn to protect her. But which man will win? Will her blood sate Bennington's hunger, or will Seth remind her why it's good to be alive, and give her pleasure beyond anything she's known before?

“Need soaping up?” he asked, joining her and holding a small bottle of shampoo aloft.
“I think I just might.” She allowed the water to soak through her hair and turned her back to him.
He was close behind her, the tip of his cock grazing her skin. He slid his hands into her hair. Soon, the aroma of coconut and vanilla filled her nostrils as he tenderly and carefully worked the shampoo into a lather.
She sighed. It was heavenly. Her body relaxed and she leaned back against him.
Stroking her hair and rubbing her scalp, he began to let the water soak away the suds.
“That feels good,” she murmured.
“You feel good, next to me.” He slipped one hand around her body and held her tighter.
“Here.” She reached for a shower gel that sat on a small shelf. “I’m feeling dirty.”
He chuckled and held his hand out, palm up. “Perhaps I want to keep you dirty.”
She squirted a blob of the creamy liquid into his palm. “Maybe you should just finish what you started.”
He kissed her wet head. “Happy to oblige.”
Again she relaxed onto him as he used both hands to spread the gel over her body. He massaged her breasts, tweaked her nipples and smoothed it over her waist.
The water was bliss, his touch even more so. And his cock, so hard and thick, strained against the small of her back.
She had a sudden urge.
She turned within his arms, her soapy body sliding easily against his.
He looked mildly surprised. “What’s up, baby?”
“Nothing...well actually something is.” She took hold of his shaft. “Very up.”
“Ahh...yeah, that’s true.”
She grinned and gave his cock a few firm strokes. “Nice,” he said, his eyelids drooping.
“If you like that, you’ll like this a whole lot more.” She sank to her knees, folding them beneath herself.
“Baby.” His mouth hung slightly open, and he slotted his fingers into her hair.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Silk Tie - Audio Book Sale

Right now you can enjoy my MMF erotic romance, THE SILK TIE, as an audio book for just £2.99/$2.39

Of course its also available as an ebook.